Pokemon League Cup Master 8/27/2023


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If you’ve been enjoying our Pokémon Standard League on Sundays, be sure to come and join us Sunday , August 27th for our Standard League Cup! This organized play season runs from July 1st through September 30th. How many Championship Points will you earn this season??

Date: Sunday, August 27th

Doors Open: 11pm

Registration Ends: 12:00pm

Round One Starts: 12:15 pm

Entry Fee: $20 per player (Masters) (18 yr old and up)

Entry Fee: $10 per player (Juniors 6-12 yr olds and Seniors 13-17 yr olds)

Format: Standard. This includes cards from E Regulation Block and newer. Swiss Rounds will be Best-of-One matches and rounds will be 30 minutes long. Top Cut Single elimination Rounds will be Best of 3 and 60 minute rounds.

Structure: League Cup feature Swiss Paired rounds and include a top cut for additional single elimination rounds. All players will play in all Swiss rounds. The amount of Swiss Paired rounds is determined by how many players attend. 

1-8 Players: 3 Rounds

9-16 Players: 4 Rounds

17-32 Players: 5 Rounds

33-40 Players: 6 Rounds

9-20 Players: 2 Single Elimination Rounds

21-40 Players: 3 Single Elimination Rounds 


Championship Points will be awarded based on final placement after the Swiss Paired Rounds.

1st Place: 50 CPs + ~40% of prize packs (split if there are 2 winners)

2nd Place 40 CPs + ~20% of prize packs

3rd/4th Place: 32 CPs + ~10% of prize packs

5th-8th Place: 25 CPs (if we reach 24 players) + ~5% of prize packs

9th-16th Place: 20 CPs (if we reach 48 players)

Each Division (Juniors, Seniors, and Masters) will have their own Prize Pools. With masters we will add 3 booster packs to the prize pool for each player in that division. And for seniors and juniors we will add 2 booster packs to prize pool with entry. For example: If there are six Juniors, their prize pool will be 12 packs. If there are 10 Masters, their prize pool will be 30 packs.

Prizing from each prize pool will be distributed within each division based on performance.

Pokémon League Prize packs will be awarded to Top 4 of each division( Each division must have at least 6 participants)

Pokémon Championship playmats will be awarded to the winners of each division. 


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