Citadel Colour Paint


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Painting. It’s what makes a miniature truly yours. And Citadel Colour paints are designed to make your next painting project the best it can be. They bring your armies to life on the tabletop, so you can create epic stories with them. 

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Contrast: Black Templar, Contrast: Cygor Brown, Layer: Alaitoc Blue, Contrast: Aethermatic Blue, Contrast: Sigvald Burgandy, Contrast: Dark Angels Green, Technical: Valhallan Blizzard, Contrast: Snakebite Leather, Contrast: Magos Purple, Contrast: Akhelian Green, Shade: Athonian Camoshade, Technical: Martian Ironearth, Contrast: Ork Flesh, Layer: Knight-Questor Flesh, Contrast: Briar Queen Chill, Shade: Casandora Yellow, Contrast: Fyreslayer Flesh, Shade: Tyran Blue, Contrast: Asurmen Blue, Contrast: Leviadon Blue, Layer: Deepkin Flesh, Base: Thousand Sons Blue, Contrast: Flesh Tearers Red, Layer: Tuskgor Fur, Technical: Astrogranite, Layer: Skullcrusher Brass, Technical: Stormshield, Base: Ratskin Flesh, Contrast: Aggaros Dunes, Contrast: Leviathan Purple, Contrast: Nighthaunt Gloom, Contrast: Militarum Green, Layer: Ahriman Blue, Layer: Hoeth Blue, Base: Rhinox Hide, Layer: Balor Brown, Layer: Wazdakka Red, Contrast: Pylar Glacier, Layer: Stormhost Silver, Layer: Auric Armour Gold, Layer: Warpstone Glow, Layer: Ogryn Camo, Layer: Stormvermin Fur, Base: Rakarth Flesh, Contrast: Baal Red, Layer: Xereus Purple, Layer: Screaming Skull, Technical: Agrellan Earth, Technical: Contrast Medium, Base: Steel Legion Drab, Layer: Doombull Brown, Technical: Armageddon Dust, Layer: Ironbreaker, Contrast: Garaghak's Sewer, Base: Khorne Red, Layer: Calgar Blue, Layer: Temple Guard Blue, Base: Iron Warriors, Contrast: Doomfire Magenta, Layer: Sycrax Bronze, Base: XV-88, Contrast: Aeldari Emerald, Layer: White Scar, Layer: Trollslayer Orange, Contrast: Celestium Blue, Layer: Administratum Grey, Base: Celestra Grey, Contrast: Space Wolves Grey, Base: Caledor Sky, Layer: Skarsnik Green, Base: Screamer Pink, Shade: Coelia Greenshade, Layer: Wild Rider Red, Contrast: Stormfiend, Base: Catachan Flesh, Technical: Tesseract Glow, Layer: Loren Forest, Technical: Blood for the Blood God, Contrast: Ratling Grime, Contrast: Gryph Hound Orange, Contrast: Gore-Grunta Fur, Contrast: Hexwraith Flame, Layer: Fenrisian Grey, Contrast: Magmadroth Flame, Contrast: Karandras Green, Layer: Skavenblight Dinge, Base: Dryad Bark, Contrast: Mantis Warriors Green, Base: Naggaroth Night, Base: Zandri Dust, Layer: Moot Green, Contrast: Dreadful Visage, Dry: Ryza Rust, Layer: Ulthuan Grey, Layer: Russ Grey, Layer: Gorthor Brown, Shade: Carroburg Crimson, Layer: Evil Sunz Scarlet, Base: Death Guard Green, Layer: Pallid Wych Flesh, Layer: Cadian Fleshtone, Layer: Warboss Green, Layer: Altdorf Guard Blue, Base: Incubi Darkness, Layer: Liberator Gold, Base: Death World Forest, Layer: Bloodreaver Flesh, Layer: Flash Gitz Yellow, Contrast: Gutrippa Flesh, Layer: Skrag Brown, Shade: Seraphim Sepia, Layer: Ushabti Bone, Shade: Berserker Bloodshade, Base: Mechanicus Standard Grey, Contrast: Bad Moon Yellow, Layer: Teclis Blue, Shade: Kroak Green, Shade: Reikland Flesh, Shade: Targor Rageshade, Layer: Genestealer Purple, Layer: Dawnstone, Technical: Typhus Corrosion, Shade: Soulblight Grey, Contrast: Imperial Fist, Layer: Tau Light Ochre, Base: Screaming Bell, Layer: Eshin Grey, Layer: Yriel Yellow, Layer: Lothern Blue, Technical: Nihilakh Oxide, Shade: Poxwalker, Shade: Mortarion Grime, Layer: Sotek Green, Shade: Biel Tan Green, Base: Ionrach Skin, Layer: Flayed One Flesh, Shade: Drakenhoff Nightshade, Technical: Lahmian Medium, Layer: Nurgling Green, Base: Jokaero Orange, Layer: Karak Stone, Dry: Tyrant Skull, Shade: Druchii Violet, Layer: Deathclaw Brown, Base: Caliban Green, Contrast: Striking Scorpion Green, Contrast: Black Legion, Layer: Baneblade Brown, Layer: Fulgurite Copper, Layer: Brass Scorpion, Layer: Zamesi Desert, Layer: Elysian Green, Base: Bugman's Glow, Shade: Fuegan Orange, Contrast: Ironjawz Yellow, Contrast: Frostheart, Base: Kantor Blue, Contrast: Kroxigor Scales, Dry: Skink Blue


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